Boxwood Webinar

March 11, 2013

Several members of the Saunders Brothers team, including myself, listened in on a webinar put on by the ANLA regarding Boxwood Blight.  The information was very good.  In summary, Boxwood Blight is being attacked from many different angles.  With the amount of work being done on Box Blight, I feel very good about where we are as an industry.  However, everyone must continue to use proper management practices while answers are being found.  Here are a couple of examples of work being done:

  • New information is emerging on preventative chemicals.
  • DNA work is being done to learn traits of cultivars that are tolerant to Box Blight.
  • Cell  and leaf structure is being studied in tolerant versus susceptible cultivars.
  • Varietal susceptibility studies continue.
  • And much more!

The webinar was very worthwhile, if you would like more information and here is the link.

Robert Saunders

Saunders Brothers, Inc.

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