About Us

Celebrating 100 years - 1915-2015

Nestled in the foothills on the 'Sunrise Side' of Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains, Saunders Brothers began as a partnership between five brothers in 1915. Today, third generation brothers, Tom, Bennett, Jim and Robert, with their dad, Paul, operate the wholesale nursery, orchard, and farm market. The wholesale nursery operation now consists of approximately 75 acres of container production and 150 acres of field production.  We ship over 1,000 products to garden centers, landscapers, and re-wholesalers throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  Our 125 acre orchard provides fresh fruit for our farm market as well as other wholesale and retail markets.

Boxwood have been part of the family tradition at Saunders Brothers for over 60 years. What started as one boy's 4-H project evolved into the foundation of our wholesale nursery. Today we supply hundreds of garden centers and landscapers with a large selection of both container and field grown boxwood.

At Saunders Brothers, we are constantly evaluating boxwood.  There are hundreds of varieties and cultivars of boxwood available in the market today.  Saunders Brothers is working to trial and evaluate these through years of experience and through the National Boxwood Trials.  Countless efforts are being made to offer the industry the best selections for landscape use.  Evaluations include the aesthetic appeal, grower friendliness, and landscape performance.  As coordinators of the National Boxwood Trials, data is being reported on how boxwood are performing at Trial sites around the eastern United States and abroad in order to predict which new cultivars will be considered "the best of the best."

Our Nursery Products
We have created a product line that provides a total package for all types of landscapes as well as seasons. By offering spring and fall pansies, colorful annuals and perennials, woody shrubs and container trees, we offer products that reflect the needs of the nursery industry.

Our Customer Service
Our sales associates listen to the needs of their customers and 'walk' the nursery houses every week to provide buyers with a list of their 'hottest' plants. Quality and service are the two top criteria customers want when purchasing plant material. We try to provide the highest quality with the best service in the industry.

Our Orchard
In response to market demands, Saunders Brothers started growing super tree-ripened peaches; including sub-acid white- fleshed peaches, many of which get great size, color, and flavor. These peaches complement the yellow-fleshed varieties and extend the season from June 15 until late September. While oversupply has forced us to reduce production of many "commodity" type apples, like Red Delicious, Rome, and Golden Delicious, we continue to see strong demand for speciality varieties like Gala from New Zealand, Fuji from Japan, and Pink Lady from Australia.

Our Farm Market
Our Farm Market offers a fun place for the whole family to enjoy. Not only can you find a variety of peaches, apples and vegetables from May through November, but we also offer ciders, jams, relishes, and salsas. While you're here, visit our on-site museum; one of the largest privately-owned collections of farm antiques in the state of Virginia.


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