Fruit Tree Nursery

Saunders Brothers has been involved in the fruit tree industry for over 100 years. We know from experience, starting with a quality tree will yield the quickest turnaround time to fruiting. Since we started our fruit tree nursery in 2015, we have been able to consistently grow apples trees that fit today's orchard establishment needs.

All of our apple trees are propagated using the one-year benchgraft method. In this method, it allows our customers to wait much longer to make their variety decision on their custom order. We’re grafting in February and digging the following February, twelve months later. On the “Sunny Side” of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Central VA, with our long growing season and heat units in the summer time we have been able to grow quality trees, year after year. We understand the importance of starting with a high-quality tree from first-hand experience and knowledge in transplanting these trees from the nursery to the new orchard site.

Please click on our video link below to see our Spring 2021 crop and learn more about the trees we have to offer!

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