Boxwood Designer

Design Your Own Boxwood Garden

Welcome to the Boxwood Designer. Spend a few minutes and answer the following questions and let us help you design your own boxwood garden. Using our many years of experience with boxwood we have developed this to assist you in choosing the proper plant for your design needs. 

Check any box below to find only plants having the specific characteristic(s). Otherwise, leave all boxes unchecked to maximize your search results based on the criteria above.

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Boxwood Exposure

Sun (Location is sunny from late morning to late afternoon)
Part Sun (Location is primarily shaded from late morning to late afternoon)
Shade (Location has no direct sun)

Boxwood Zone

Zone 4 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -30 F to -20 F)
Zone 5 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -20 F to -10 F)
Zone 6 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -10 F to 0 F)
Zone 7 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature 0 F to 10 F)
Zone 8 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature 10 F to 20 F)

Boxwood Foliage Color

Blue (New foliage is blue and matures to green)
Green (Foliage is Predominately Green)
Variegated (Leaves that are green and yellow or green and white)

Boxwood Best Usage

Edging (Mature size of 2 ft high and wide or less)
Foliage for Holiday Decorations
Foundation Plant
Hedge Low (Mature size of 4 ft or less)
Hedge Medium (Mature size of 4 to 8 ft)
Hedge Tall (Mature size of 8-12 ft tall)
Parterre or Knot Garden
Specimen Medium (Mature size of 3-5 ft high and wide)
Specimen Small (1-3 ft high and wide)
Specimen Tall (Mature Size of 6 ft or greater)
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