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Buxus sempervirens 'Jensen'

Jensen Boxwood

‘Jensen’ is a rounded cultivar that closely resembles Buxus sempervirens ‘Suffruticosa’ (English). It has bluish-green new growth in the spring that turns to a deep green by mid to late summer. Foliage is slightly larger than English.   It thrives in dappled shade and soils with good drainage. Deer resistant.

Slow to medium growth rate; 1"-2"/year

Comments: We began growing ‘Jensen’ when we saw its beautiful blue foliage and its potential to be more resistant to some of the diseases affecting English boxwood. It shows most promise if planted on a new site where there has not been diseased English boxwood, there is good drainage, and there is full shade or afternoon shade. However, when planted in full sun, in an area with poor drainage, or as a replacement of diseased English boxwood, it will struggle.

Uses: Medium specimen, low hedge, foundation plant, foliage for holiday decorations.

Substitutes: ‘Little Missy’, ‘Justin Brouwers’, ‘Green Gem’, ‘Green Velvet’, Chicagoland Green, ‘Green Mound’

Jensen Boxwood Growing and Maintenance Tips:

‘Jensen’ flourishes when left basically unpruned. It should never be sheared. Shearing will increase canopy density and increase the chance of disease problems. Avoid uses where heavy pruning is necessary. Thinning is recommended either in winter for holiday decorations or in late winter to early spring before new growth appears. This will help sunlight and air to penetrate the canopy of the plant and reduce disease incidence. Use hand pruners.

‘Jensen’ is somewhat resistant to boxwood leafminer but very susceptible to boxwood blight. To lessen disease issues, it is important that proper planting and pruning techniques are used, as well as, the proper site is chosen. Monitor soil pH and maintain in 6.5-7.2 range.



2 Feet



2 Feet


Hardiness Zone:


Characteristics & Attributes for Buxus sempervirens 'Jensen'

Attractive Foliage
Best Usage
Soil Moisture Preference
Good Drainage
Deer Resistant
Growth Rate
Boxwood Exposure
Part Sun (Location is primarily shaded from late morning to late afternoon)
Shade (Location has no direct sun)
Boxwood Zone
Zone 6 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature -10 F to 0 F)
Zone 7 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature 0 F to 10 F)
Zone 8 (Average Annual Minimum Temperature 10 F to 20 F)
Boxwood Foliage Color
Blue (New foliage is blue and matures to green)
Green (Foliage is Predominately Green)
Boxwood Best Usage
Foliage for Holiday Decorations
Foundation Plant
Hedge Low (Mature size of 4 ft or less)
Specimen Medium (Mature size of 3-5 ft high and wide)
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