Saunders Brothers Nursery Protocol

February 16, 2012

On November 14th, 2011 the Virginia Department of Agriculture sent us an email alert.  In that email, we were made aware of a disease that was found in the United States that affects boxwood.  It is called Boxwood Blight or Cylindrocladium buxicola.  The disease is a fungus that causes rapid defoliation of boxwood.  Saunders Brothers at that point dedicated itself to learning all we can about the disease and educating our customers.  This past December, we sent a team to Europe to meet with experts there who have been dealing with the disease for nearly 20 years.  Through the trip and new contacts we made, we have gained a great deal of knowledge.  In addition, we have been actively involved in promoting and securing funding for research that is being done in the United States. 

Saunders Brothers is being inspected for Boxwood Blight by the Virginia Department of Agriculture on a monthly basis, most recently on February 3rd.   We do not have the disease.   Our company’s goal is to keep the disease out of our nursery.  The longer we can keep the disease out of our nursery the better we will be informed and armed to fight it.

Based on our current knowledge of the disease we have developed a list of Nursery Protocol.  We are asking our entire staff, customers, and anyone connected to Saunders Brothers to adhere to these practices.  In addition, we encourage all of our customers and fellow nurserymen to develop their own list because prevention of entry then containment and eradication of Boxwood Blight from the landscape or nursery should be foremost at this point. 

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.

Robert Saunders

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