Disease Alert by VDACS

December 6, 2011

Last month, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services issued a disease alert.  A new disease that targets boxwood has been found on the east coast of the United States. Cylindrocladium buxicola or boxwood blight is a potentially serious disease that can result in defoliation of boxwood grown under conducive environmental conditions, specifically high heat and humidity and poor air circulation. This disease has been active in Europe for almost 20 years, but is new to us in the United States.  VDACS Alert Nov. 14, 2011

Saunders Brothers is dedicated to continuing to be a leading resource on boxwood information in the United States.  We are committed to learning all we can about the disease, drawing from our local state extension resources, cooperative efforts with other nurserymen, and researchers in other states and Europe.  We hope to learn how to control as well as prevent the occurrence and spread of this disease.  We are confident that our nursery does not have this disease and have asked VDACS to continue to inspect our nursery to insure this.  We appreciate the potential severity of this disease and are committed to doing everything we can to keep our nursery clean so that our customers can continue to have confidence in the outstanding quality of our product.

We will update you as we find any new information on Cylindrocladium buxicola.  All updates and information will continue to be posted on our website. 

Robert Saunders

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