Our Peach Varieties

Our Peach Varieties

At Saunders Brothers, we know our peaches. After years of experience and research, we have carefully selected the best tried- and- true peach varieties to grow and sell. And don’t think you can only get them for those two frantic weeks in August! We take pride in the fact that we offer you quality yellow and white fleshed peaches from the end of June through the middle of September.

Clingstone vs. Freestone

A clingstone peach sticks to the pit, and a ripe freestone (or cling-free) peach easily separates from the pit. Don’t turn your nose up to a clingstone peach just yet! Though freestone peaches are easier to process in the kitchen, clingstone peaches still have many practical uses. Because clingstone peaches are only available early in the peach season, they are often smaller, making them ideal for pickling or for the perfect snack. Freestone peaches are also great for eating, and are generally larger, making them ideal for baking and canning. Whether it’s a clingstone or freestone peach, all of our peaches are selected and grown for sweetness and flavor.

Yellow vs. White

Yellow flesh peaches are traditional, tangy-tasting, all-around peaches. They are best for canning, and cooking in addition to eating. White peaches originated in Asia and there has been a huge surge in popularity of white peaches in recent years. White flesh peaches are sweeter, and have lower acidity than yellow peaches, making their sweetness even more notable! They can be used for cooking, but are best just to eat. Be sure to try both white and yellow peaches when you visit the Farm Market!

Redhaven- Average Peak Date: July 11th

A favorite! Redhaven is a classic yellow peach that will leave the seed when it’s dead ripe. It has great flavor and texture. Technically a clingstone but a great early peach to use for baking, canning, ice cream, and freezing.


White Lady- Average Peak Date: July 16th

Another favorite! White Lady is one of the most popular white peaches we grow. With its outstanding flavor, aroma, and sweetness you won’t forget, this peach will keep you coming back for more. You won’t have to wait long; Sugar Giants will ripen just a few weeks later.


Loring- Average Peak Date: July 29th

Loring are the largest in size for the season, and one of the first true freestone peaches, making them excellent for canning. Also use these for ice cream and freezing!


Sugar Giant- Average Peak Date: August 3rd

If you like white peaches, you’ll LOVE Sugar Giants. This is a peach that lives up to its name. They’re super sweet and one of the largest peaches from our orchard, making them the prettiest peach we grow. They’re also freestone- could it get any better?


Blake- Average Peak Date: August 13th

The Blake are classic late-season peaches. Probably the most popular peach we grow, they have outstanding taste, are sweet; and incredibly juicy. Because they are characteristically known for the red ring around the pit, they are most widely used for canning and freezing, but are excellent for eating and cooking also.

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